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Speciality Packaging

Woven Sacks

Emmbi is producing over one hundred thousand plastic woven sacks per day of different construction and design. These woven sacks can be used for carrying sand, food grains, seeds, fertilisers, sugar, beans, rice, gravel & coal in various industries.

Product Variations

PWS with Paper Look and Feel

These “paper look-alike” bags are a superior replacement for weaker paper bags. These bags are made of 100 percent polypropylene and are fully recyclable.



Replacement of Paper Bag.

PWS with Liner

These are lined for moisture proofing of hygroscopic materials.

Some of the options for attaching these liners into bags are as follows :

Loosely inserted

Bottom stitched liners

PWS with BOPP print

Available in a wide range and sizes, these are reversible printed bags.


Cattle Feed, Food Grains, Chemicals, Construction Aggregates etc.

Branding and Easy Handling for smaller quantity during supply chain of Malt, Sugar, wheat floor, Cement...etc

Easy Opening PWS

These are specially stitched so that they can be opened easily but not resealed, to maintain any infringement of client’s brand. They are widely used in agriculture, farming, and other food products.


Agriculture and farming produce and products.

Fertilizers, urea and minerals.

Sugar and Salt.

Animal feed and cattle feed stock.

Agro products like seeds and spices etc.

Nuts and Seeds like cashew nuts, dates, etc.

Food grains like barely, flour, rice, corn, etc.

Sand bags

These are light weight and highly resistant to UV light. These bags have multiple applications in Flood control, Military fortification, shielding glass in war zones and in mining sights.


Military fortification in trenches and bunkers

Flood control

Shielding glass windows in war zones

Ballast at mining sights


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