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Emmbi CleanTec system ensures that we produce the packaging in controlled environment governed by the stringent BRC standards for food grade. This ensures delivery of perfectly uncontaminated packaging material.

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Emmbi CleanTec

Emmbi CleanTec is a “Fully Integrated” contamination free production system which plays a vital role in delivering products which needs to be protected on their journey from farms & factories to homes & hospitals for safer, healthier and secured living conditions.

Emmbi CleanTec system ensures that we produce the packaging in controlled environment governed by the stringent BRC standards for food grade. This ensures delivery of perfectly uncontaminated packaging material.
Spread over 40,000 Sq ft, the entire unit is air conditioned with positive pressure to avoid the direct entry of dust and polluted air. Flow of air is governed through HEPA filters.

Our ‘End to end’ contamination free manufacturing process in FSMS area ensures complete control over all the quality of components used while producing the FIBC. Unit is Compliant of BRC, and ISO 22000 HACCP Standards.

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The entire set up of machines, furniture & fixtures are specially designed with hardened stainless steel, to create 100 % contamination free products. Special Standards are followed while using any of the additives such as lubricants, UV Stabilizers, Ink & Solvents to ensure that they are meant for food contact application. At Emmbi CleanTec Complete process from Extrusion to Bag making is done under the FSMS conditions.

The bags are finally scrutinised with the help of Blow Cleaning Machine, Metal Detector, we ensure a complete traceability & quality control in our “CleanTec area”, which is Compliant of BRC, and ISO 22000 HA0CCP Standards.


We have clearly defined operating policies in place which are understood, agreed and compiled by all the employees manning the facility.

CleanTec Policies

Raw Material Storage & Mixing

Our Raw Material storage is completely enclosed, free from any kind of contamination. We have installed a Centralized mixing and dosing system for raw material supply to extrusion lines.


The extrusion lines are fitted with sophisticated electronics to ensure precise parameter control and uniform quality throughout the entire production process. We use distilled water for the Quenching tank.


The Weaving section is installed with ultra-sonic fabric cutting for fraying free edges. Automatic tension controlled based warp protection and color sensor based weft protection system ensures minimal weaving defects. Online edge folding helps us to ensure a precise size control while weaving the fabric. The maximum weaving width is up to 82 inches and we can weave a fabric up to 260 GSM on the fleet of weaving machines.


The entire webbing section is housed under FSMS controlled environment, to ensure the complete control on the inputs used in the production system. Machines are capable to produce webbing maximum up to 80 mm in width and 70 gm per meter in weight.

Extrusion Coating

The Extrusion coating process is also under FSMS controlled area, installed with laser edge trimming device and directly coupled weaving section. Maximum coating width achieved is up to 2 meters and it has the ability to coat multiple substrates to augment the properties of uncoated fabric.

Preparatory section

Automatic fabric & Spout cutting machines ensure precise size of the cut-pieces resulting into even sized FIBCs. Background light reflective weaving fault checking equipment help us to eliminate out any defective fabric in the beginning of process. Two color printing machines are capable of printing up to 2.2 meter in length; while heat cut baffle punching provides perfect punch holes. Specially trained Spout, Duffle and Spare parts assembly section creates perfects parts for the finely crafted FIBCs.


A specialized Bag making section has composite over-lock & safety stitching machines, vacuum suction devices for continuous dust cleaning, heat cutting & sealing of the thread ends and food grade lubricants. This is a temperature controlled area for sweat-less operation.

Quality Assurance

Our facility is equipped with onsite, up to date laboratory with range of latest equipment’s like universal tensile testing machine for threads, fabric and webbing, a specially illuminated color matching booth and a natural weathering outdoor test site for designing products with a perfect UV stability.

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