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This Is Emmbi

Social Conscience

Our vision is to create a brighter world for all

Emmbi Foundation Trust – a philanthropic arm of the company focuses on the environment and society at large.  Emmbi foundation is engaged in promoting preventive healthcare and sanitation, apart from many other social initiatives.

The foundation also undertakes, Comprehensive health awareness projects to promote inclusive and special needs of Physical & Mental health education.

With a 360-degree approach, the very purpose of our efforts at Emmbi Industries has gratified with our scintillating journey.

As a member of a global community, Emmbi is striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to overall health and well being of planet and its citizens.

The foundation undertakes several rural development projects, to promote inclusive and special needs education and works towards enhancing the vocational skills among children, women, elderly and the disabled.

Physical, Mental Healthcare and Sanitation

Promoting Preventive Healthcare, Mental Health and Sanitation

Inclusive Education

Promoting Inclusive and Special needs education

Water Conservation

Promoting water conservation through our products and educational efforts

Empowerment of Women

Empowering women by education and enhancing the vocational skills